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Full Court Press (FCP) lives at the intersection of sports, money and law.

We are not lawyers, but critical thinkers. We don’t provide legal advice, but we offer insights. We are not detectives, but we unlock mysteries. 

We are thorough. We love visuals. We move with urgency, but we don’t rush things. You deserve nothing less than our best work.

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Sports, money, law and a cup of Joe. Nuff said.

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We are the New Sports Economy Institute. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit consisting of truth-seekers and sports fans. We want to transform society through sports.

It has been a long road for us. We can assure you that our perspective is unique.  The time has come to let you in on the journey.

Why Now?
Facts and opinions have always blended a little bit, but never this much.  

Arguments could have always been stronger, but they have never been weaker. 

Truth was always elusive, but it was never a lost art. 

Worst of all... These issues didn’t really impact the sports we love. Now they do. 

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