Truth or Dare?

The choice is ours

“Truth or dare?” whispered the Voice.

“Dare,” said the Man. He liked choosing dare. 

“Good. This judge from Indiana. He is of Mexican heritage. He is not being fair to you. I dare you to say something about him.”

The Man obliged.

Here was the Voice again: “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” replied the Man.

“Ok. I dare you … to belittle a Muslim woman. She lost her son in the war.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Come on, are you going to cave now? We are just getting started,” said the Voice. 

The Man obliged.

“Truth or dare?”  said the Voice. It was getting louder. 

“Dare,” answered the Man.

“Great. I dare you to make fun of her. She is a senior citizen and a presidential candidate. Can you do it? It might get you some cheers, maybe even some votes, oh, and more people will follow you.”

The Man obliged.

“What are we going to do about these women?” said the Voice, excitedly. Almost … aroused, he continued, “I dare you.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said the Man. “It’s just locker room talk.”

“Good,” said the Voice. “This is really good stuff.”

“We did it!” The Voice was practically shouting now. “But does this inauguration crowd look right to you? I dar...”

“You don’t need to tell me. I know what to do.”

“Truth or Dare?” asked the Voice. 

“Dare,” replied the Man.

“Good, that’s the right answer. I dare you to tell them to stand back and stand by.”

“Are you sure about this one?” asked the Voice. This one was the biggest dare yet. The most consequential.




“Ok then. I dare you to tell them that the virus is a hoax …”

The Voice was at it again.

“I dare you to take your mask off … You can’t let them think you are weak.”

The Man obliged.

“Truth or Dare?”

“I don’t know. Maybe this time, I should choose the truth. I’ve lost. Maybe I should just accept it and peacefully transi…”

“Don’t be stupid,” said the Voice. “You didn’t lose. Did you hear me? I dare you to challenge the results. I dare you to challenge the free will of America.”

“All right,” said the Man. It became clear to him, the choice was going to be a dare, all the way.

“This is the last one,” said the Voice. “It has all come to this. Capitol Hill.  I dare you.”

“I’ll do it,” was the reply from the Man. “I’ll do it.”

Today is the inauguration day. We now have a chance for a restart for America and we are confident that better days are ahead. That said, our country seems more divided than ever. President Trump is gone, but what about Trumpism? What about all the lives lost? All the pain? All the wounds? 

More than 20,000 documented false or misleading claims. More than 400,000 deaths, many of which could have been prevented. For what, exactly?

This is not about being a Republican or a Democrat. The truth is not partisan. This is about loving each other. Accepting each other. This is about unity. This is about realizing that while we have differences, we can happily coexist as long as we are committed to the truth. 

It is now up to us to define the future of the United States of America, one of the most fascinating experiments of all time. 

The Voice doesn’t whisper to just one person. It whispers to all of us, all the time. 

It’s up to us to decide whether or not to listen to the Voice. We have a choice. 

So … We dare you. 

We dare you to choose the truth.